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I wanna be stereotyped
I wanna be classified
I wanna be masochistic
I wanna be a statistic
I wanna be a clone

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The final line to present was Chubby Cartwheels, who served some serious kitschy-chic style. The collection was full of crop tops, leather/pleather skirts, and campy food based prints, such as french fries and doughnuts. There were also lots of sheers and a little bit of leopard. This collection pretty much thumbed it’s nose at every fashion rule in the book, and the results were perfect.”

Loved what they had to say!  Check out the article to see pieces from all the amazing designers at the event!  So much amazing fat fashion!

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fuck you bitch im more then high

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People who think they’re better than everyone because they don’t drink are gross

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i thought this said hella cake ass i almost cried

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i have a horrible headache have i am 100 percent sure it’s because i was horny and couldn’t do shit about it

my blog is great but have u seen my ass

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